Shop Talk- New Christmas Color Ways

Shop Talk- New Christmas Color Ways

This past week was a super short work week for the studio. We celebrated our national holiday, Thanksgiving and my youngest daughter's 9th birthday as well! My eldest was home from college for five whole days and so our family enjoyed loads of wonderful time together. However, even though it was a short work week for the Must Stash studio, I managed to create a couple of new Christmas color ways which I hope to have ready in the shop this upcoming week!

First to get ready is "It's a Grinchy Christmas" which was a collaborative design of my team. Color ways that come about this way are usually so unique and wonderful! The second one getting reskeined right now is "Father Christmas" which you can probably tell from the name is inspired by the Victorian style gift-bringer. The third and final new color for this year has yet to be dyed but I hope to get that done tomorrow and it will be called "Tangled Lights" and the inspiration is once again in the name. 

Hopefully, these three new Christmas inspired color ways will be in the shop by this upcoming Friday (December 2nd). You can check out a preview listing here in the meantime. 

November 27, 2016 — Stacie Dawson

Where Does the Time Go?

We are already almost half way through November and I still feel very behind in what I hoped to accomplish for this month. I think this feeling is compounded by the fact that I was behind coming into November what with being ill for most of October. I closed the shop 10 days before Rhinebeck and I went on a family vacation to the Catskills for that week leading up to the NY Sheep and Wool Festival at the Duchess County Fairground aka Rhinebeck. The Catskills were lovely and made even more so by the changing of seasons.  

We had a wonderful time exploring the area and enjoying the crispness of the season but I became increasingly ill during the vacation and worsened once home to the beginning of pneumonia. Darn pine trees! See, I am allergic to pine and even though I was taking a steady stream of antihistamines, it wasn't enough to keep up with the even steadier stream of allergens. When I had been home for about a week and wasn't better but worse, I saw a Dr, got loads of high grade meds and got better. Yay! Now I have been back to work since just before Halloween and am almost ready to re-release the Star Wars collection but not quite. I am really excited to unveil Jyn Erso and I hope you love the tough as nail Rebel as much as I do. 

November 14, 2016 — Stacie Dawson
Rhinebeck Vacation

Rhinebeck Vacation

Hello Folks! I am cleaning up the shop and preparing to go on vacation for two weeks. It has been a great and crazy summer for Must Stash with the Summer of Peace and Love tour plus the Star Wars Saga which kicked off May the 4th (of course) and we are ready to take a brief break. I will be out of town in a remote area of upstate New York so if you email me, it may take me awhile to get back with you. Thanks for understanding. I hope to share lots and lots of photos on Instagram!

October 05, 2016 — Stacie Dawson

Stash Talk: Coming Up in October and November

This is just a quick note to let you all know what coming up.

First, later this month there will be another fantastic Tuft Woolens, Freckled Whimsy and Must Stash kit up for sale in the Tuft Woolens shop on October 22nd. Martha, Karrie and I put our heads together and have come up with a great new theme, Apple Picking. Our kits are always unique so you can expect nothing less with this new one. I cannot wait to share more with you so stay tuned to our IG accounts for teasers as we get closer.

Then in November all the previous 12 Star Wars color ways will be available in limited quantities along with a brand new dye-to-order colorway, Jyn Erso. She is our newest heroine from Rogue One coming out in December so you will have your yarn ready in hand to knit along at the theatre.


October 03, 2016 — Stacie Dawson
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Kits, a la carte School Skeins and More Shipping News

Kits, a la carte School Skeins and More Shipping News

The School of Stash kit sold out in just 13 minutes! A owe big thanks to both Amy Beth for finding the fabric to coordinate with our official school colors and to Sivia for an inspiring pattern and a huge thank you to all my Stashkateers who set alarms and scooped up 100 kits in record breaking time!

Just so you know, the dye to order listing for the a la carte skein closed earlier today so I am a busy busy bee here at Must Stash HQ. Last week the first 50 kits went out the door and so this week the final 50 kits plus loads of Star Wars dye to order skeins will be finished, packed and winging their ways across the globe and into new loving new homes. 

If you ordered an a la carte skein for the School of Stash, Autumn Afterglow, I will be getting those ready as well and hope to have the first lot ready by the end of the week. The rest will go out as quickly as I can get them ready but should all be shipped by the 28th in hopes of arriving in time for cast on October 1st. 

Thank you, Stashkateers, for keeping me busy and so I will leave it here and hurry back to the shop now! 

September 19, 2016 — Stacie Dawson
School of Stash Autumn 2016

School of Stash Autumn 2016

The second term for the School of Stash will open for enrollment on September 5th at noon in our Ravelry forum! I am happy to announce that our Professor, Sivia Harding!!!, has designed a beautifully textured toe up sock pattern especially for self striping and will help guide the knit-along for the month of October. 

Your School Supplies kit will be available to order on September 5th (Labor Day) at 1pm CST! The kit will include:

  • one Must Match Perfect Self Striping Sock skein in the custom KAL colorway Autumn Afterglow
  • an exclusive zippered small wedge bag by the awesome Amy Beth of Fat Squirrel Fibers
  • a copy of Sivia's new sock pattern, Stepping Into Fall

Kit quantities are limited to 100 so you may want to set an alarm for this one. 

For the second term of the School of Stash, we are once again knitting socks. Professor Harding is a toe up convert and wants to convert you too! I think you will enjoy the interesting way she incorporates a texture change with each stripe color for this cool new pattern. If you are new to toe up socks, fret not for we have a couple of tutorials for you on how to cast on for Stepping Into Fall whether you prefer to use Magic Loop, two circulars or DPNs. 

Don't forget to pop over to the Ravelry forum to "grab a seat" in class and join in on the chatter! 

August 31, 2016 — Stacie Dawson
New Star Wars Colors

New Star Wars Colors

Coming this Friday, September 2nd! The final four Star Wars inspired colors will be offered Dye to Order. This sale will only last one week and will close on September 9th. 

May I present Boba Fett, Han Solo, Princess Leia and Chewbacca: 

The next Star Wars installment will be in November and will include a total round up of all the characters so far. Our Empire Strikes Back kal will be held in my Ravelry yarn group kicking off Thanksgiving weekend. You will not want to miss out!


August 30, 2016 — Stacie Dawson
2016 Summer of Peace of Love

2016 Summer of Peace of Love






Each summer Must Stash does something special! In 2015 we had the Great Gig tour featuring the colors inspired by the album art of Pink Floyd. It was so much fun to take the 'band' on tour! I visited three different cities during the summer and had special skeins, coupons and surprises at each stop (plus we had concert tees)! I am wearing mine today while remembering visiting with old friends and making new.

For the summer of 2016, I wanted to continue the new tradition so Must Stash hosted The Summer of Peace and Love. Our Festival of Color pays tribute to the granddaddy music festival of them all: Woodstock. Once upon a time, people came together in peace and harmony and Must Stash honors Woodstock with a new color way featuring 20 stripes each one representing a different headliner:

  • Jimi Hendrix Magenta
  • Sha Na Na Pink
  • Ten Years After Silver
  • Janis Joplin Aubergine
  • Bethel Mud
  • Country Joe Green
  • Santana Straw
  • The Grateful Dead Lilac
  • The Who Red
  • Catskill Mud
  • Jefferson Airplane Aqua
  • The Band Twilight
  • CCR Green
  • Blood, Sweat & Tears Orchid
  • White Lake Mud
  • Joan Baez Blue
  • Crosby, Stills and Nash Orange
  • Joe Cocker Green
  • Sly and the Family Stone Purple
  • Woodstock Mud

Also a part of the Summer of Peace and Love was Happy Snowman and Family Reunion. Both of these colors are meaningful for summertime fun and were knit by the amazing Susan B Anderson for her new pattern Smooth Operator

I was very happy to offer all the summer colors Dye to Order for a couple of months but like all good things the Summer of Peace and Love has closed. 

I would like to thank everyone who supported Must Stash this past summer!

August 20, 2016 — Stacie Dawson

The Final Days of Sock Wars

We are in the final days of the Sock Wars KAL and the Empire and Alliance are neck and neck but the Rebels have the upper hand at the moment up 23 to the Empire's 20. As more and more Finished Objects (FO) are posted the balance swings back and forth so it's really anyone's game at this point. Some of the FOs have made me chuckle out loud with projects names like "They See Me Rollin'" for a pair of vanilla socks in the BB-8 color way and a "to scale" pair of Droids from runhusky that has a several inches shorter R2 to a much taller C3 (which I shared a photo of in the On a Tuesday post)! And some of them are crazy brilliant like Casdena's U-Turn Socks. 

And Noknitsherlocks fun mix em up shortie socks:

And her Voodroid...

Seriously, have you ever seen something so evil look so cute? Probably yes if you have ever seen a cat, but still (just a joke folks- I love cats)! This Voodoo You Love Me? doll is adorable and makes me want to cast on an army of them. 

Here are a few more outstanding socks from the FO thread:

So keep 'em coming because the FO thread will lock on June 5th. 

The next pair in the Star Wars Saga is Jedi Mind Trick: Anakin and Luke Skywalker.

There is a Preview listing up in the shop as of today and the listing will go live on June 19th, Father's Day (see what I did there). The Jedi Mind Trick set will be available in either an OCD or Combo skein just like the previous two sets. Also like the Droid round, the Jedi round will have a second pair of color ways announced a few weeks later. 

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Sock Wars Poll. Your voices have been heard loud and clear and here are the stats:

By overwhelming demand the Star Wars Saga will include Han Solo, Chewbacca, Princess Leia, Boba Fett, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda. Most of these color ways will appear in the third and final round of the Saga. To conclude the series we will have a final battle in the Must Stash group to find out who will control the galaxy!





I love seeing your projects in Ravelry and on social media sites so please continue to post them and remember to use the hashtag #muststashyarn or #msysockwars so I can find and heart them. 


June 01, 2016 — Stacie Dawson

On a Tuesday- Sock Wars Battle Continues

Sock Wars is going really well. I love checking out the hashtag #msysockwars on Instagram and seeing all the projects/chatter in Ravelry. My own project is a little behind schedule but I haven't completely lost hope that I will have a brand new pair of Droid Stitch Surfers by June 5th.

I finished the first sock this past weekend. I was very diligent and cast on the second sock immediately. I made pretty good progress on it and hope to share pics soon (actually any progress is pretty good progress since I typically don't knit second socks).


I swear my sock has a heel but it is too difficult to see the cool 'surfing' detail when the sock is placed sideways on the foot shaped sock blocker like usual. 

Here are few projects from the Sock Wars FO thread on Ravelry: 

Needlesandyarn: Droid Socks

egonzales74: Droid Companion Shorties

Splendorfalls: R2D2

QuiteCool: These are the Droids I'm Looking For

runhusky: May the Fourth Simply Be With You


These are only a few of the finished projects and I would love to add them all if linking and inserting photos were only easier. As it stands right now, the Rebels are resisting the Empire and are up by 2 (12 to 10). It's time for Team Empire to gather it's strength and Force choke a few Admirals into getting the FOs they need to stay in the game. 





May 24, 2016 — Stacie Dawson
Sock Wars Cast On

Sock Wars Cast On

Tomorrow is cast on day for our Must Stash Sock Wars and I am just about set. I was inspired by the fellow Raveler to do something a little different than a simple Vanilla sock which is my all time favorite for self striping yarn. My idea is to use all four colors so far (OC-D2, OC-DPO, BB-8 and Rey) to knit Stitch Surfers.

This free pattern is by Louis Robert and first appeared in Knitty Deep Fall issue of 2012. I have knit this pattern once before and enjoyed it quite a bit except for the heel which didn't work for me. I don't remember why and unfortunately I didn't make a note about the heel but at least I did remark that the socks ended up too tight knitting the Small size so I will try the Medium size this go around. A couple of years ago, I made two tutorial for how to knit the Stitch Surfer and they can be found on YouTube if you are interested in taking a look. The video linked includes casting on and starting the toe and a second video is all about how to surf. I mention doing a heel video but never did as I didn't use the heel as it is written in the pattern. Another fellow Raveler and former podcaster, Knitabulls, has knit Stitch Surfers several times and has all the parts of the sock covered in her three tutorials which can be found on her blog.  

I intend to cast on OC-D2 and OC-DPO for the first sock although I may change my mind by tomorrow and go with BB-8 and Rey to start since I have already knit a full sock in both of the Droid colorways. I have already been enjoying the friendly chatting going on in the Must Stash group board and look forward to seeing how this KAL shakes out. Will the Rebels prevail or will the Dark Side finally take over? If you would like to follow along or knit along, there are lots of fun way you can. The social media hashtags are #msysockwars, #msysockwarsrebel and #msysockwarsempire and my Instagram profile is MustStashSheep. Or you can join us on Ravelry where you can team up with the Rebellion or the Empire and help us decide the fate of the Universe (or this KAL). 

May 03, 2016 — Stacie Dawson
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Sock Wars

Sock Wars

Our first Sock Wars knitalong (KAL) will cast on this May the Fourth and there is already a lively discussion taking place on Ravelry. With your Droids or Rey skeins you can join either the Rebel Alliance or the Empire and 'knit your bit' to aid the troops. I expect this to be a lot of fun! The KAL will run from May 4th until June 4th and all finished objects must be posted in the FO thread of the group forum by it's close on June 5th. 

Pop over there to enlist and join in the fun!

What's next for the Saga? The Skywalkers! Father and son skeins will be released on Father's Day, June 19th. These will look very different from anything you have seen so far in the series and I think you are going to love them. For the final pair, I am going to let you decide! 

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April 28, 2016 — Stacie Dawson