The School of Stash kit sold out in just 13 minutes! A owe big thanks to both Amy Beth for finding the fabric to coordinate with our official school colors and to Sivia for an inspiring pattern and a huge thank you to all my Stashkateers who set alarms and scooped up 100 kits in record breaking time!

Just so you know, the dye to order listing for the a la carte skein closed earlier today so I am a busy busy bee here at Must Stash HQ. Last week the first 50 kits went out the door and so this week the final 50 kits plus loads of Star Wars dye to order skeins will be finished, packed and winging their ways across the globe and into new loving new homes. 

If you ordered an a la carte skein for the School of Stash, Autumn Afterglow, I will be getting those ready as well and hope to have the first lot ready by the end of the week. The rest will go out as quickly as I can get them ready but should all be shipped by the 28th in hopes of arriving in time for cast on October 1st. 

Thank you, Stashkateers, for keeping me busy and so I will leave it here and hurry back to the shop now! 

Stacie Dawson