Jedi Mind Tricks

Jedi Mind Tricks

Hello dear Sock Friends!

I have been eager to tell you all about this exciting new dye-to-order collection and today is the day! The first pair of this limited series will be put on sale April 1st (no joke) and will remain available for pre-order until I reach my production capacity or April 15th. Orders will ship as they are made in order of payment and I hope to have all the skeins out the door by the last week in April so we can kick off a KAL in May!

The collection is Star Wars inspired and so our first companions are the droids: OC-DPO (aka C-3PO) and OC-D2 (aka R2-D2). I will be offering three options: OCD skeins of each driod alone or a Companion skein which has a half skein of each for fun mismatched socks. This is what I will be knitting during the KAL! Both driods have 15 randomly sized stripes with varied dyeing techniques to create a unique and fun knitting experience that I hope you will enjoy. 

The KAL or first Sock Wars will kick off May the 4th (of course) and just to make it a little bit more fun, you will each be randomly assigned your camp: The Empire or The Resistance aka Rebel Scum. There will be more information on where and how to join the KAL later next month. 

"The Droids You Are Looking For"

Perfect Sock

75/25 SW Merino/Nylon
440 yards/ 100 gram

March 28, 2016 — Stacie Dawson
Knitting in the Hills Recap

Knitting in the Hills Recap

I attended the Knitting in the Hills retreat hosted by HCW of Austin in the beautiful Horseshoe Bay Resort almost two weeks ago (how does the time fly so quickly) and had a wonderful time with old friends and new. I had the opportunity to come a day early to set up my grid wall display in the marketplace which was wonderful and meant that I was available to have dinner with all the 'early birds' for the retreat including: Cindy Hallam the organizer, Suzanne Middlebrooks the owner of HCW, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, Clara Parkes, Ann Budd, Julie Weisenberger, Shelley Brander of Loops, Meghan Fernandes of Pom Pom Quarterly, Sally Trollip of the WoolDiaries Podcast, Junie B aka Magic Junie and my new friend Pam. What a treat! 

The next morning Dianne Brown aka the Suburban Stitcher and I interviewed the fearsome four (Stephanie Pearl McPhee, Clara Parkes, Julie Weisenberger and Ann Budd). It was as much fun as you would imagine! The ladies were vibrant, enthusiastic and enlightening. I video recorded the interview and will have excerpts available soon. While at the retreat, I took a class from each teacher and found they have such wildly different views on some basic ideas in knitting (seams versus seamless, swatch size, blocking techniques etc). Funny enough though this kinda affirmed what I have suspected all along; there are many ways to happily enjoy knitting and to be successful at it! I loved the industry 'insider' viewpoint of Julie Weisenberger aka Cocoknits on professional finishing techniques and Stephanie's wise tips on almost everything from swatching to blocking and beyond are worth their weight. However, I would say that the class I found most inspiring was Clara Parkes Transcendental Swatching. I left with a new appreciation for swatching and what it could mean for me. In a nutshell, Clara promote's swatching for the sake of swatching alone; that is for the simple pleasure of getting to know a new fiber/blend. Keeping a journal or making notes on a Swatching project page in Ravelry can help any knitter become much for proficient at choosing the right yarn at the right gauge for a project. For me it was permission to start knitting what I have in my stash instead of waiting for the time to knit a larger project. Plus, once I have swatched a yarn I will have a much better sense about choosing the right pattern. Win-win! The rest of the retreat was a blur of chatting and knitting. A great weekend indeed. 


A special thank you to Cindy and Suzanne for a bang up wonderful retreat and to Pam and Dianne who were my roommates and to Sally from South Africa who put up with me all weekend long! 

March 09, 2016 — Stacie Dawson

Where to Find The Stash in 2016

Happy New Year Stashers! I hope this article finds you well and enjoying the start of a new year. 

I recently added a Events & Updates tab to the top menu. I will post all my upcoming shows, kits and updates here as well as on Instragram (muststashsheep). I hope this new app will help me share with you when and where you can score a new skein of Must Stash! 

I am excited to be vending in person at three events in 2016. The first event is the Knitting in the Hills retreat next month. I do apologize that the event is already sold out but it is worth looking into for next year as this is a top notch retreat. All attendee attend multiple classes with national teachers (this year is Julie Weisenberg, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and Clara Parkes!!) with a onsite market place and lots of fun packed in for good measure.

The second event is the DFW Fiber Fest held in Irving, Texas. This year the festival is April 1 - 3 and is held in the Irving Convention center on Las Colinas. This is a great event in it's 11th year and has grown every year. I first attended Fiber Fest in 2012 and have enjoyed going back every year with my fest fiber friends. It's our weekend away to frolic and play!

And the last fiber event for me in 2016 will be Stitches Texas in September also held in Irving, Texas at the convention center. This will be the event's second year and I am really looking forward to seeing the market floor. 

I am participating in a few special collaboration kits this upcoming year and each of those will be in the shop links below. First, I am collaborating and with Tuft Woolens and The Freckled Whimsy to bring you a kit in early March. More information and photos will be shared closer to the release date but I think you all are going to really like what we are developing! The next collaboration is with Erin Lane in June. She is offering a club for the first time this year with some really neat fiber artist! I'm excited to see all the kits and I'm really looking forward to sharing mine with you later this year. 

I hope your new year is happy and crafty and healthy!



January 14, 2016 — Stacie Dawson

First Post - Under Construction

I am happy to announce that my new Shopify online store is under construction. After dealing with WooCommerce and the myriad of problems associated with that e-commerce solution for over a year I have made the plunge to a new shopping cart; Shopify.  

When I began the search for a new solution I first met with my IT professional. We tried a couple of things but WC found new ways to complicate the online buying experience so it was time to just wash my hands and look elsewhere. I decided to start from what has always worked well for me; Shipstation. They have many Partners and so I educated myself on many of them before deciding on Shopify. 

I signed up for the Trial account on Tuesday and paid for an account on Wednesday because I am so pleased with how this web store functions! It is very intuitive and the support is responsive (I called and had my questions answered in under 5 minutes). 

I hope to add products to the shop over this next week but I ask that you bear with me as I get the shop up to snuff. 

September 22, 2015 — Stacie Dawson
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