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Ivette & Stacie (right) at Indie Untangled 2019

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San Antonio is currently CLOSED

San Antonio is currently CLOSED

My hometown of San Antonio, as well as a good part of the United States, has been hit by Snovid, Snowmageddon, Snowgnarok...okay, not Snowgnarok but a polar vortex that has us snowed in without power and water. There will be no update this Tuesday. 

UPDATED 2-22-21: We were without power for most of the week! Over the weekend, the temps rose, the snow melted, our power came back on and our boil notice was cancelled. We will be back at work on Monday but will not have an update on Tuesday the 23rd in an effort to get caught up with our orders currently in queue. Thank you for your emails of encouragement and for your understanding!

February 15, 2021 by Stacie Dawson
Another dimension, another dimension, another dimension...

Another dimension, another dimension, another dimension...

Inspired by the genius of the Beastie Boys, this fun colorway sports neon rainbow mini stripes shining out of a true black "background". I hope this fun colorway will transport you to "another dimension"! 
February 09, 2021 by Stacie Dawson
New Colorway! Lite Brite

New Colorway! Lite Brite

12 rainbow stripes of super-happy-fun-time to lift your spirits to soar above the clouds. This colorway will take you back to those simpler days of creating freeform art with colorful pegs and light in your bedroom and being mesmerized. 

Want to make this pop even more? Pair it with our Inkwell black Halfsy!

February 02, 2021 by Stacie Dawson

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Worldwide Shipping

Must Stash specializes in unique self striping sock yarn. 

Our small batch dye studio is located in sunny San Antonio, Texas and we ship around the world! 

Email us your Country and zip code to ask for a shipping quote.

Exclusive Tuft Woolens

We can send a little Texas Sunshine to you!

Rich butters combine with beeswax and honey to make a treat for your senses.

Available as a wool wash bar (lovely for you to use as well), a hand balm to soften dry knitter's fingers and a luxury lip balm that is a treat for your lip. 

A Must Stash exclusive scent! This fresh scent is bursting with lemons but toned down with almonds and a touch of honey.

Halfsy Skeins!

Sometimes you just want a little more than a mini skein but don't need a whole skein and thus the Halfsy skein was born! 

Our Halfsy is 50g/230 yards of 4ply fingering weight 75/25 superwash merino/nylon. The is the same base we use for our perfect must match sets. 

Introduced summer 2018 with new colors available quarterly and by request.

A fun way to knit your Must Stash!

The phenomenal designer, Tellybeanknits aka Stephanie Lotven, has created two beautiful designs using Must Stash self striping for the sleeves, the original Sock Arms Sweater and the Worsted Sock Arms Sweater! Patterns are available on Ravelry for fingering and worsted weight yarn. 

Email me directly if you are interested in creating a custom sweater kit!

Must Knit Designs

Check out our collection of patterns designed with Must Stash in mind. 

A Big Thank You

Recently, we received a wonderful note from a faithful customer that just warmed our hearts immensely and I wanted to share a quote with you: 

"Just wanted to drop a note to thank you so much again for your inspiring and soothing work.  I received my Bohemian mill end which you so kindly dug up for me a few weeks ago, and was waiting to finish a different project until I allowed myself the indulgence of knitting myself (finally something for myself!) a lovely, simple pair of gorgeous socks.  Last night I got such pleasure rolling  the skeins into stunning happy little balls -watching the colors go by, and wrapping them into center-pull balls so the outside stays nice an stripey while I always get to be surprised to see which color I knit next from the inside, was such a thrill.  and casting on this morning was just blissful.  So nice to be able to melt into a knitting experience and just enjoy every stitch.  I love the colors, the way the dye took to the yarn -the subtle complexity meets a certain existential need I can't articulate.  I'm enjoying every second- thanks for gifting the knitting world with your inspired creative passion!" -AB

Thank you to this special customer and to everyone who takes the time to write us to let us know how much you love Must Stash...it always makes our day!

Here is a handy reference...

Each year, we bring hundreds of "Mill Ends" to DFW Fiber Fest. What we don't sell there, we destash online. This photo is a great illustation of how much sock you can knit from a short skein/mill end/leftover! 

Almost every new batch has a Mill End so if you are interested in getting one, please use the Contact Form in the footer/header to send us an email inquiring!


Quality is never an accident! It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution. 

We take our time to handcraft beautiful yarn that is excellently produced as a result, supplies will be limited.