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How do I order yarn?

We offer a curated selection of colorways every Tuesday at 9am Central time. The best way to know what is in the shop is to subscribe to our newsletter.

To shop, simply select Shop from the main menu at the top of the Home page and select what you would most like to see.

Happy Shopping!

Can I order a custom kit?


I almost always have a small selection of self striping colorways in my backstock you can choose from and the tonal is almost always offered as dye-to-order.

How this works best is for you to reach out via email.

Helpful information to include is:

1. name of pattern (a link would be fantastic)

2. what size you intend to knit

3. A wishlist of self striping colorways you would prefer or if there is just one, for example Vespa on worsted if you want to knit the Rainbow Adventure mitts exactly like the designer.

Here is a great example of everything I would need to help put a custom kit together for you:

"I want to knit the Bright Axis Tee here is a link to that pattern, I am a size XL and would like Kama for sleeves and grey for the body just like the pattern shows"

How long does it take for Preorders to be fulfilled?

Preorders are filled within 6 weeks and usually much sooner. Most product listing will have Dye to Order information such as "Restocking on xx day" or "Backorders will ship within 15 days" etc.

Will you combine my orders?

Absolutely! If you placed an order that has not shipped and you come back to get one more skein, we will combine those orders for shipping and refund any overage over $3.

Can I cancel my order?

Absolutely, but only if your order has not shipped. Please contact us through the Chat with Us with your name, order number and email.


How much is shipping? And, how long does it take?

Your personal shipping cost is calculated during checkout so you will always know the exact cost prior to making your purchase.

US orders take between 8 and 12 days to ship unless dye-to-order in which, a high demand item can take up to 20 days to ship. Once shipped most domestic orders will arrive within 2 to 15 days.

International deliveries usually take between 10 - 20 business days.

Where is my order?

You can track your order by clicking on the Chat with Us! button in the lower right hand side of the screen, click Track My Order and enter your order number and email address.

My package has shipped but it hasn't moved in a while...now what?

Sometimes packages get hung up along the way but rest assured, 99% do resurface. To help them along, we can ask the postal service to send us updates using the tracking link provided. You are welcome to forward your shipping email to us for help with accomplishing this task. 

I received a Delivery notification but my package isn't in my mailbox!

Your best bet is to contact your local postal branch and ask them to track down your package. In the US, your Post Master can find the last location of the scan and send a delivery person to retrieve and redeliver your package. Don't wait to speak to your delivery person because they do not have the ability to find your package.

Once we hand it over to USPS, sadly it is out of our hands. It is not the responsibility of Must Stash to replace/refund missing/lost/stolen packages. If this is a concern, please consider asking to add insurance to your postage. 

Yarn Questions

What is a Must Match Set?

Our Signature put up is what we coined a must match set. This is two perfectly matching 50g hanks, tied separately and twisted together under the label. It may look like the average hank of yarn but simply slip off the label, untwist and voila, you have two perfectly matching hanks!

What is a Companion set?

A Companion set is two non-matching 50 gram skeins twisted together. Usually this is something we offer for two colorways that should go together like R2 and 3CPO or Bad Guys and Good Guys.

What is a Mill End?

A Mill End is what is leftover at the end of a batch run. They are of various sizes and always priced at a discounted rate! Additionally, they are all must match sets no matter the size, there are two equally weighted skeins twisted together that are identical to each other. We offer mill ends in the shop from time to time in the shop and you can always feel free to contact us directly to ask if we have a specific colorway(s) on hand. 

Do you offer Wind Service?

Yes. A Wind Service option can be found on most product listings but if it isn't listed, you can always just add it directly from the catalog. Please confirm that you have added as many Wind Service items as skeins you need wound before checking out or add a note which as to which skeins will or will not need winding. Additionally, if you are a current customer and have a medical reason you need to have all of your yarn wound, please contact me for a special discount code.   

Do you offer custom colorways?

Yes and no.

I do not accept commissions to create custom self striping colorways at this time. If you are interested in a colorway from my catalog (all repeatable colorways can be found in our Look Book), contact me and I will can you know if it is available from our backstock or when I expect that to be dyed again. 

However, I can create custom semi-solid/tonal colors for a sweater kit where you are also purchasing a stocked self striping.

Return Policy

What is your return policy?

We want you to be happy with your order and so will except returns under certain conditions. For our full policy, please read it here.

Where can I purchase Must Stash?

You can buy Must Stash here in my online shop, through destash on Ravelry or from the StevenBe shop. We are not accepting any other wholesale account at this time.

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