A Must Match skein has two perfectly matched half skeins which start and stop in the same place of the striping sequence for identical knits with no waste. By dyeing the matching halves at the same time, they are identical down to the last stitch! This type of skein was formerly known as OCD. 

The picture below is a Must Match pair in the Dark Side Original colorway. If you look closely, you will notice that where the two ends are tied together that one end is black and the other is orange with just a tiny bit of yellow at the very end. This is a very good example of how close the two half skeins are! 

A Word About Winding

Winding your Must Match skeins are a breeze! Just keep in mind that the two halves are tied separately and are twisted together in the correct orientation for your stripes to line up perfectly. We recommend that when you untwist the skein, you pay careful attention to the strands. The best way to ensure you have all the strands going together is to check the ties. They should be lying flat and not pulled in any way. Secondly, we suggest that you place both halves on the swift at once but that you gently separate the two halves before cutting ties on the first half (do not cut the 2nd half until you have first wound off the first half or the cut ends may get tangled). Placing both halves on the swift ensures that they are in the same orientation as when we twisted them. To cut the ties, locate the main tie (where the two ends are tied together) and the secondary tie. Double check that the secondary tie is lying flat before cutting it. Now, cut your main tie and gently untwist the ends taking care that you are not pulling one through the hank but going around. Take your time and note which strand you are starting with (color, spin direction, etc) so you can wind your second half in the exact same manner. 

Almost Every skein for sale is a Must Match skein. Occasionally, there will be non-Must Match skeins offered for sale. Examples of non-Must Match skeins include Whole or Companion skeins and these will be clearly labeled as such. 

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