This past week was a super short work week for the studio. We celebrated our national holiday, Thanksgiving and my youngest daughter's 9th birthday as well! My eldest was home from college for five whole days and so our family enjoyed loads of wonderful time together. However, even though it was a short work week for the Must Stash studio, I managed to create a couple of new Christmas color ways which I hope to have ready in the shop this upcoming week!

First to get ready is "It's a Grinchy Christmas" which was a collaborative design of my team. Color ways that come about this way are usually so unique and wonderful! The second one getting reskeined right now is "Father Christmas" which you can probably tell from the name is inspired by the Victorian style gift-bringer. The third and final new color for this year has yet to be dyed but I hope to get that done tomorrow and it will be called "Tangled Lights" and the inspiration is once again in the name. 

Hopefully, these three new Christmas inspired color ways will be in the shop by this upcoming Friday (December 2nd). You can check out a preview listing here in the meantime. 

Stacie Dawson
Tagged: Shop Talk Update