We are already almost half way through November and I still feel very behind in what I hoped to accomplish for this month. I think this feeling is compounded by the fact that I was behind coming into November what with being ill for most of October. I closed the shop 10 days before Rhinebeck and I went on a family vacation to the Catskills for that week leading up to the NY Sheep and Wool Festival at the Duchess County Fairground aka Rhinebeck. The Catskills were lovely and made even more so by the changing of seasons.  

We had a wonderful time exploring the area and enjoying the crispness of the season but I became increasingly ill during the vacation and worsened once home to the beginning of pneumonia. Darn pine trees! See, I am allergic to pine and even though I was taking a steady stream of antihistamines, it wasn't enough to keep up with the even steadier stream of allergens. When I had been home for about a week and wasn't better but worse, I saw a Dr, got loads of high grade meds and got better. Yay! Now I have been back to work since just before Halloween and am almost ready to re-release the Star Wars collection but not quite. I am really excited to unveil Jyn Erso and I hope you love the tough as nail Rebel as much as I do. 

Stacie Dawson