Sock Wars is going really well. I love checking out the hashtag #msysockwars on Instagram and seeing all the projects/chatter in Ravelry. My own project is a little behind schedule but I haven't completely lost hope that I will have a brand new pair of Droid Stitch Surfers by June 5th.

I finished the first sock this past weekend. I was very diligent and cast on the second sock immediately. I made pretty good progress on it and hope to share pics soon (actually any progress is pretty good progress since I typically don't knit second socks).


I swear my sock has a heel but it is too difficult to see the cool 'surfing' detail when the sock is placed sideways on the foot shaped sock blocker like usual. 

Here are few projects from the Sock Wars FO thread on Ravelry: 

Needlesandyarn: Droid Socks

egonzales74: Droid Companion Shorties

Splendorfalls: R2D2

QuiteCool: These are the Droids I'm Looking For

runhusky: May the Fourth Simply Be With You


These are only a few of the finished projects and I would love to add them all if linking and inserting photos were only easier. As it stands right now, the Rebels are resisting the Empire and are up by 2 (12 to 10). It's time for Team Empire to gather it's strength and Force choke a few Admirals into getting the FOs they need to stay in the game. 





Stacie Dawson