Hello and thank you for stopping in to the Must Stash.  

Ivette & Stacie at Indie Untangled 2019


Must Stash Yarn & Fiber is a small family run business located in sunny San Antonio, Texas. We ship worldwide!             

Must Stash was born in 2012 out of my love for knitting fun and colorful socks. At that time, there were not a lot of options for self striping sock yarn and so I started dyeing my own. I started receiving order request from first my knitting group buddies, then their friends, then friends of friends and so on until I decided that it was time to open a shop! Our online shop is open to ALL. Must Stash will never discriminate...period. Our mission is to provide high quality, beautiful yarn to the masses of any sex, race, creed, orientation, political belief, socioeconomic  background, country, or any other identifiable persuasion. We will never share your personal information as we hold privacy dear so feel secure with making an account with Must Stash as that information has been encrypted and your payment information is never saved. 

To tell you a little bit more about our business...I ran Must Stash alone for the first couple of years and was delighted to be able to add Sophia to my team in 2014 to help me with reskeining. With her help, I was able to grow the business enough over the next 6 months to add another member to our team, her mother Ivette. As a team of three, we became a powerhouse! If you have attended DFW Fiber Fest, then you have probably met them. 

Ivette, Stacie & Sophia at DFW 2017

Brian, my husband, joined the team full-time in 2017 making Must Stash truly family run. Whenever you open an order, know that it was Brian wrapped your yarn! Sophia left us to accept a new challenge, full-time college, but we were soon joined by our last team member, her brother David, in 2018 who is responsible for all of the skein washing. We are two families creating together and it couldn't be better!

I love my team and I hope you will take confidence that four separate pairs of hands have been lovingly involved in the creation of your skein.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us and happy Stashing!


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