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Ivette & Stacie at Indie Untangled 2019


Must Stash Yarn & Fiber is a small family run business located in sunny San Antonio, Texas. We ship worldwide!             

Must Stash was born in 2012 out of Stacie's love for knitting fun and colorful socks. At that time, there were not a lot of options for self striping sock yarn and so an idea formed. Stacie began dyeing self striping and tonals that year and the first to encourage her and placed orders for custom colorways was her weekly knitting group. The word spread and within a year, Must Stash the brand had an online shop and vended at fiber festivals like SSK and DFWFF!

We have grown over the subsequent years and as of 2023, we have over 150 self striping colorways and 6 team members! 

We primarily dye on a fingering base called "Perfect" and our signature put up is called the "must match set" meaning you will find two perfectly matching 50g skeins twisted together under the label for easy to match socks! Additionally, we primarily dye self striping colorways but also offer tonals from time to time. To learn more about our bases, check out this page

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us and happy Stashing!