I am happy to announce that my new Shopify online store is under construction. After dealing with WooCommerce and the myriad of problems associated with that e-commerce solution for over a year I have made the plunge to a new shopping cart; Shopify.  

When I began the search for a new solution I first met with my IT professional. We tried a couple of things but WC found new ways to complicate the online buying experience so it was time to just wash my hands and look elsewhere. I decided to start from what has always worked well for me; Shipstation. They have many Partners and so I educated myself on many of them before deciding on Shopify. 

I signed up for the Trial account on Tuesday and paid for an account on Wednesday because I am so pleased with how this web store functions! It is very intuitive and the support is responsive (I called and had my questions answered in under 5 minutes). 

I hope to add products to the shop over this next week but I ask that you bear with me as I get the shop up to snuff. 

Stacie Dawson
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