It's time to wind your yarn!!

Hello lovely KALers, tomorrow is Cast On day and much like Schrödinger's cat, our Christmas day socks have all the potential they may ever have right now today. Will they be long socks or shorties? Will you knit them singly, in tandem or two at a time? So many choices and they are all yours to make! Have you been daydreaming about how your socks will look, fit and feel? Just me? No, I know I am in like minded company here! I know you too cannot help but to think on all these question and especially how fun the cast on will be and whether or not you will stop just after the toe increases or keep going. I would love to read your thoughts so let me know in the comments below!

But first, let's talk a little housekeeping (not real housekeeping-settle down).

  • Have you wound your yarn yet? Which colorway are you going to use? I cannot wait to see all the different Candy Kisses socks! I plan to use Hard Candy but I am considering knitting them as a mis-matched pair by starting from the outside of the cake for one and the inside for the second. 
  • Have you purchased your copy of the pattern yet? Once Sivia uploads the final draft, you will get a notification and can print it out. 
  • Have you picked which needles you will use? For toe up socks, you will want to use two circs or magic loop at least to start. My favorites are Signature for their super sharp tips and an older pair of Hiya Hiyas for it's plyable cord. What brand is your favorite and why?
  • And lastly, do you use project bags and if so, what do you plan to use for this KAL? I will house my WIP in my Ritual Dyes camp kal backpack. The bucket shape is perfect for sitting next to my chair and the straps are great for bringing it along when traveling (like from the living room to upstairs and down to the studio--it's pandemic, I'm not going out anywhere). 

Sivia and I are so pleased by all of the excitement for this new pattern and KAL and want you to know how happy we are that you will be knitting along and sharing your WIPs this upcoming month.

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Stacie Dawson