Hello and welcome dear knitters to our 2020 Hard Candy Kisses Christmas KAL- Week One!

We are absolutely thrilled and honored to have the talented Sivia Harding as our host once again! As you may recall, Sivia was our host last December for the Walking into Winter/Hobbit Christmas KAL and we couldn't be happier that she was able to lead our winter KAL once again! This year's pattern is called Candy Kisses which features a sweet cable on each side of the leg but still has the bones of my favorite toe up pattern, Toe Ups for All, which makes it twice as nice.

Cast on was December 1st but there is still plenty of time if you were unable to start yesterday. To have our socks done by Christmas, we are going to want to divide the sock by time. For example, my foot is 8.5" long and I want my cuffs to be 6" so a total of 14.5" per sock or 29" total. I cast on yesterday so that means that I need to knit 29" in 23 days or 1.25" per day. With a row gauge of 11 per inch, I need to knit about 14 rounds or 2-3 stripes per day to stay on track making sure that I am to the heel of the first sock by the 6th unless I decide to cast on the second sock and knit them in tandem in which case, I will need to be at the heel for both by the 12th. I am feeling a lot of excitement for this project right now and it is actually hard to put it down after just a few stripes so I started rooting through my languishing WIPS and put a few rounds on a sweater last night, so that was good. 

Are you fastidiously planning out your timeline/schedule or going with the flow? Are you going to knit your socks as fast as you can or enjoy the relaxed pace of this advent style KAL? Let me know your thought and how are your Candy Kisses coming along by leaving a comment below and I would love to see pics, too!

Stacie Dawson