Hello and welcome dear knitters to our 2020 Christmas KAL!

We are absolutely thrilled and honored to have the talented Sivia Harding as our host once again! As you may recall, Sivia was our host last December for the Walking into Winter/Hobbit Christmas KAL...I think we have a lovely holiday tradition shaping up. When thinking of what to knit this December, I considered a few different patterns but came back to my love for Sivia's Toe Ups for All. I adore the heel/gusset detail and so contacted her about using it for this year's KAL. Sivia for her part was excited to host our KAL again but had an idea to make it even sweeter by designing a new pattern just for us. With the cast on just days away, Sivia is busily putting the finishing touches on a new pattern called Candy Kisses which features a sweet cable on each side of the leg but still has the bones of the TUFA which makes it twice as nice. I couldn't be more happy to share this new pattern with you!

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Who: You, me and Sivia Harding

What: Advent style KAL to have socks ready by Christmas Eve

When: December 1st - December 24th

Where: Here in the shop blog and on social media using our kal tag #msykal 

How: Any Must Stash Yarn and Sivia Harding's Candy Kisses or TUFA socks pattern

Why: Because it will be great fun and I cannot wait to see you all knitting your Hard Candy Kisses socks!

Stacie Dawson
Tagged: msykal