The Shell Seekers -perfect must match set

$ 35.00

The Shell Seekers is inspired by the book of the same name by Rosamunde Pilcher. 

I love to read but I don't always make the time at this point in my life. For the last few years, I have been trying to do better because there is something so satisfying about a good read and I believe that reading helps your brain to stay young and alert. A great read is a story that stays with you long after you have closed the cover. It's something that becomes a part of you. Sometimes after reading a good book, you will find yourself wondering how the characters are doing!

The Shell Seekers book is named for a fictitious painting by the same name which features prominently within the story. It's of a scene of beachcombers including Penelope as a child on the beach of Cornwall as seen by the painter, her father, from his studio window. I immediately started dreaming of a sweet and light colorway; sand intermixed with shell pink and gray, sea foam, and, of course, the sea. I overlapped each color with the next because sand always gets into everything at the beach and made every color soft like the mist of sea fog rolling in. I hope you like my interpretation and that it will inspire you to pick up a good book today.

Perfect Sock Fingering Weight
75/25 SW Merino/Nylon
440 yards/ 100 gram

Every skein is a "Must Match" skein meaning you will receive two perfectly matched half skeins twisted together. Each half skein starts and stops in the exact same place in the color sequence!

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