In this episode, Anne and Stacie talk about show season and what happens behind the scenes when we prepare to set up "shop" at a yarn and fiber event. We share what we're currently knitting and Stacie gives sneak peeks of new colorways that will be at DFW Fiber Fest in April. HELPFUL LINKS

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Anne is wearing the new Knot Hole Tree cowl which debuted at Stitches West. (Kit preorders will be in the Little Skein shop in April).

REFLECTIONS: SHOW SEASON Anne and Stacie talk about what it's like behind-the-scenes when they prepare for a show, and discuss some of the business trade-offs they make when doing a show. Anne was at Stitches West 2018 Stacie is preparing for DFW Fiber Fest | April 5-8, 2018 Anne mentioned Opera Jo and her finished La Belle et la Bete cowl.

WHAT WE'RE MAKING Stacie Finished: Sock Arms sweater Socks in a new colorways: Rainbow Yo-Yo Previews of socks in the new "Affirmation Series" (I am Beautiful, I am Strong, I am Fearless, and I am Wise) debuting at DFW Fiber Fest and in the shop later Another new colorway coming soon: A Very Bad, Terrible Day Anne Olympic sock knitting update: 2 pairs finished. Vanilla is the New Black in Little Skein House Sock "Gatsby" and a vanilla sock in Mended: Louche socks by Hunter Hammersen New sock: BFF socks by Cookie A in Little Skein House Sock, "Understanding (Scout Finch)" and cuff in "Fairness (Atticus Finch)" New sweater cast-on: Carbeth cardigan by Kate Davies

WEAVING IN THE ENDS Spinning as a great way to slow down Knitting as a great help to manage anxiety

IN THE STUDIO Must Stash: Shop in person at DFW Fiber Fest (April 5-8 | Irving, TX) Little Skein: Subscription boxes are shipping at the end of March

Stacie Dawson