Designer Nailya Plaskey recently used a vintage skein of pastel Martian Rainbow to update her beautiful Leaning (Right) Left Socks pattern. I couldn't agree with Nailya more that this lighter color scheme allows the lace to really shine! These socks are knit toe up with a heel flap for a more comfortable fit, and has a traveling cable and yarn over stitch pattern to keep it interesting. 

Since this is not how Martian Rainbow looks today which is bold and vibrant and would totally overwhelm this sweet pattern, I recreated that vintage vibe and named it London Rainbow. London is still a 12 step rainbow but as if through a mist 

London premiered in the shop August 17th and was made an instant repeatable by our customer's enthusiastic response! London will go out of the shop on September 7th but will be back from time to time. 

In the meantime, you can check out Nailya's sock design here on Ravelry.  

Stacie Dawson