What the difference is between three of our very popular colorways, Ready Player one (RP1), Tokyo Gogo and Intergalactic? You wouldn't be the first to wonder! All three have the same striping structure (bones) of a tonal stripe alternated with 16 neon mini-stripes for a total of a whopping 32 stripes. The difference lies in the color of the tonal and the arrangement/color of the mini-stripes. Take a look at the side-by-side comparison to see what I mean. 

RP1 was the first and originally was a Great Read Colorway debuting in 2019. Tokyo Gogo followed in 2020 and Intergalactic this year as part of our Summer Concert Tour. RP1 has a silver grey tonal "background" whereas Tokyo Gogo has a smoky midnight blue and Intergalactic has semi-solid black. Each colorway is also different in the order/color of the mini-stripes. In the photo above, I lined up the yellow stripe across all three which makes it easy to see how differently each one stripes. 

Ready Player One- silver grey 

Tokyo Gogo- smoky midnight blue

Intergalactic- semi-solid black

Each one is similar but uniquely different at the same time. For the first time, all three will be offered in the August 3rd shop update! 

Stacie Dawson