I'm delighted to debut Little Skein & the Big Stash, a knitting and making podcast that I'm doing with my friend and fellow maker, Stacie of Must Stash Yarns. Here are notes and links for everything we talk about in our first episode.

A few notes about this episode: We are still working out the technology kinks of our dual location podcast, and the transitions in this particular episode are a bit choppy. We'll smooth this out in future episodes. Also, because I'm a novice podcaster, I got a bit too chatty and this one clocks in at 45 minutes. Future episodes will be closer to 30 minutes. Thanks for tuning in!

Helpful links

Favorite knitting podcasts (video & audio)

Favorite audio podcasts (science, technology & more)

What we're making



In the studio

    We talk about each of our studio spaces: Stacie in San Antonio and Anne in San Francisco, and we preview upcoming studio releases.

    • Little Skein: A new version of the Time Traveler shawl kit is coming the week of October 9. The pattern is Into the Wild, and Anne is wearing a sample in colorways are Fort William and Sassenach.

    • Must Stash Yarn: Stacie's gorgeous Camp Knitalong kits will be in the Must Stash shop on October 6.

    Thanks for joining us in the stash! We'll be back with episode 2 on October 15.

    Stacie Dawson
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