Each year we do a thing we call the Summer Concert Tour and this year it kicked off in June. Our first SCT was way back in 2014 when I was a rather new dyer and had the opportunity to vend at three different fiber festivals over the summer. I already had a very popular colorway inspired by Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon and so the idea was planted to expand it into a series. We did it right that first year! I started promoting the tour by sending out concert tickets with each order placed. I designed tour tees with a custom SCT logo on the front and our tour dates on the back...it was super cute. 

Additionally we dropped a new colorway at each festival and for folks who had the luxury of shopping in person, they could turn in their concert tickets for a discount. It was a lot of fun and I really think we should do this again some year (maybe for our 10th anniversary?). 

Each year we add on a new headliner to our tour and bring back past headliners as the opening acts. Our repertoire has expanded from the 4 Pink Floyd inspired colorways to over 17 colorways! This year's headliner is Intergalactic inspired by the incomparable Beastie Boys! 16 stripes of black alternated with neon pinstripes make up this head turning colorway.  

I hope you will enjoy the tour and enjoy your summer very much. 

Stacie Dawson