How are your socks coming along? It is now mid-KAL since we want to have our socks knit by the 24th and so hopefully, you have one sock done and are casting on your second sock today OR, if knitting in tandem, have both socks past the heels. 

We are knitting Sivia Harding's Candy Kisses Socks which is a toe up design with a flap and gusset heel that has an incredible fit and a sweet, tiny cable of x's and o's going up each side of the leg

Now that IG is finally allowing us to sort tags by "recent", it has been very nice to see your sock WIPs as they progress. If you haven't checked it out yet, you can by searching for #hardcandychristmaskal on IG and then heart your fellow KALers! 

I am very happy with my own progress, although I have slacked off over the last few days and so need to carve out some time this evening to do an inch or so. Both of my socks are past the heel and I have knit 1 and a half repeats of the cable up the leg. I should be able to knit the cable without using a cable needle and I appreciate that Sivia included a link to a nice tutorial but, it is just easier for me to use a cable needle even on these tiny two stitch cables. I picked up a Cocoknits Maker's Keep a few years back and it is a lifesaver or more aptly, a needle saver when knitting cables. Do you use a cable needle or do you prefer to go sans needle when cabling?

Leave a comment below, letting me know how your socks are coming along!

Stacie Dawson