My best friend in the fifth, sixth and seventh grade was Denise. She and I were mega Beatles fans. It didn't matter that they had not been a band since before our births, we were crazy for all things Beatles. I would buy every album I came across in yard sales and even got my Mom to take me to a record shop so I could get the White Album because no one ever sold that one in a yarn sale. We spent many an hour listening to our records and discussing what we would have done if only we could have seen them in concert and of course we fought constantly about who was the best Beatle. Denise was a stalwart supporter of Ringo and I was a diehard Paul fan! Who was your favorite? 

I had to move for the eighth grade and Denise and I drifted apart and although my love for the Beatles isn't as intense as it was when I was 12, they still hold a dear place in my heart. As we reach our third and final stop for this year's Summer Concert Tour, the White Album, I hope I have done justice to my most favorite band and I hope you all will join me in knitting our Beatles' socks as we creep into Autumn. 

The White Album skeins with optional Fab Four minis will go on sale Monday, August 7th at noon CDT. 


Stacie Dawson