Welcome to Space Camp! 

200 kits will go on sale Tuesday, December 11th at 9am CST with shipping by December 20th (Domestic Christmas delivery deadline). 

It is always a lot of fun putting together these kits with Martha of Tuft Woolens. We talk about inspirations, colors, scents and seeing it all come together is a stellar feeling. 

Kit Includes:

    • Must Stash must match set on Ritz "Cassiopeia"
    • Tuft Woolens Sock Soap Bar "Night Sky"
    • Tuft Woolens Luxury Bath Bar "Night Sky" 
    • Tuft Woolens Lanolin Rich Hand & Body Balm "Night Sky"
    • Hill Country Pottery hand thrown locally sourced mug stamped with our custom Camp Knitalong 2018 logo and inspired by the mystery and beauty of the cosmos
    • Custom "Camp" heavy canvas drawstring project bag silk screenprinted with our Camp Knitalong 2018 logo - perfect for any one skein project and can be easily stuffed in your flight suit for mid-flight crafting experience
    • Space Provisions - Astronaut Ice Cream - yeah, that's cool!

Kit Inspiration:

Space and all of it's beauty and mystery. Who hasn't looked upon the heavens with a swell of gratitude, a powerful feeling of wanting to know more. If only we could fly amongst the stars and know their stories. Space Camp is about indulging that small part in each of us. 

"The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of starstuff."
- Carl Sagan, Cosmos 

This is Cassiopeia A as taken by the Chandra X-Ray Telescope.

Cass A is a supernova remnant in the constellation Cassiopeia and the brightest extrasolar radio source in the sky at frequencies above 1 GHz. -Wikipedia 

The Chandra photo reveals the elemental nature of this highly studied supernova remnant. Cass A has spewed out a prodigious amount of key cosmic ingredients which can be seen in this photo: silicon (red), sulfur (yellow), calcium (green) and iron (purple) and the blast wave from the explosion is seen as the blue outer ring. 

So Cool!

The self striping colorway has a stripety-stripe section as a nod to the overlapping areas of cosmic elements and also has radiating bands of bright stripes (namely silicon-magenta, sulfur-yellow and blast wave-blue) with "space" between and all around aka nebula deconstructed.

My hope is that in your Cassiopeia socks you will walk in beauty like the night and be the best of all that is dark and bright! -stolen from Lord Byron's "She Walks in Beauty" but heartfelt nonetheless

You will delight with your Tuft Woolens soaps and balm. The soap bars are absolutely stunning with their nebula of colors. Martha used environmentally friendly mica in the formula which allows each bar to truly shimmer and shine like the night sky.  The swirling colors in the Luxury bath bar were designed to mimic the swirls and colors in Cass A, and will make for a stellar shower experience.  By this point, you must be wondering what space smells like...it smells like heaven!  Martha was inspired by the night sky, to blend together soothing chamomile, black tea and a light touch of patchouli to help lull you into peaceful state of mind perfect for contemplation, relaxation or a good night's sleep.

Your Camp Mug by Brian the Potter of Hill Country Pottery will become your new favorite mug; yes, even over last year's. You may as well get a second one now so you don't have to share (supplies are limited). Brian really outdid himself on these concave beauties. Each mug holds around 12 oz and fits so nicely in your hand with handles large enough to be comfortable even when you are suited up for space travel (*not spill proof so finish your coffee before boarding the ship). Since we wanted the mug to have a different look we talked to Brian about developing a new glazing technique and what he came up with is out of this world! He studied the way galaxies are formed and saw that they often have overlapping bands of elements so to emulate that look he hand painted multiple layers of glaze from a cobalt blue as a base layer to a frosted blue around and over the rim like a spray of stars in the heavens. 

Our custom camp art has been created once again by the talented Amanda Scheuzger of Handmaine Knits designs. I always give her so little and she always creates just what we need! Our 2018 Camp KAL logo is similar to the inaugural logo but has a cosmic vibe and will hopefully inspire you to take a beat and stargaze.  

A pattern is NOT included but here is a small list of suggestions: 

Stacie Dawson