Hello lovely Stashers!

It is almost time for the second installment of our annual Camp KAL for 2019! We always have a lot of fun putting together these kits with Tuft Woolens and this year was no exception. In fact, this is probably my most favorite kit yet and I can hardly wait to share it with you. This year's camp theme is...National Parks! Something so grand just couldn't be contained by one singular kit and so we will have a series of three different kits, each inspired by a different park in a different part of the country.  

Every year, Must Stash has a new kit incorporating Tuft Woolens and various goodies from other artisans. For this kit, we wanted to do something special and so we created a three part series inspired by the majesty of our National Parks. Our Winter kit was inspired by Denali...just look at that breathtaking vista!

Kits will drop in the shop Tuesday, December 17th at 9am and will contain the following:

Denali Kit Contents:

  • Must Stash "Denali" perfect must match set
  • Tuft Woolens luxury sock soap bar "Denali" a crisp, peppermint woodsy scent (see details below)
  • Tuft Woolens hand balm "Denali"
  • Tuft Woolens lip balm "Peppermint"
  • Ritual Dyes Mini Knitter's Backpack "Midnight" (see details below)
  • The Nome Knitter's "Northern Lights" glow in the dark charm!!!
  • Limited edition Denali merit badge- 100% embroidered 2" x 3" sew on patch (art by Amanda Scheuzger) - DOES NOT COME ATTACHED TO BAG
  • Professionally printed National Parks Service Denali Park brochure

We will also be offering the skein a la carte.


Thank you Campers!

Brian Dawson