Practically Perfect -must match sock

$ 35.00

 Practically Perfect is inspired by Mary Poppins by P. L. Travers. I loved the movie as a young kiddo and the soundtrack was probably my very first record but I did not love the book the first time I tried reading it. When I was around 11, during a summer holiday visit at my Nana's house, I dusted off a copy of Mary Poppins in the basement one gloomy afternoon. I had seen the movie, danced along to the album so the book would be fun! It was not. I don't know how Disney cajoled P. L. Travers into agreeing to their version of Mary Poppins as her Mary was as far from Julie Andrews as possible. I don't think I made it past the second chapter and I didn't pick it back up for decades. Although Mary is vain, usually cross and very stern, she is magical and that makes her wonderful!


*sample socks are from the needles of snuggleracoon


Perfect Sock Fingering Weight

75/25 SW Merino/Nylon
440 yards/ 100 gram

Every full skein is a "Must Match" skein meaning you will receive two perfectly matched half skeins twisted together. Each half skein starts and stops in the exact same place in the color sequence!

Each mini skein is approximately 70 yards and is more than enough yardage for toes/heels/cuffs for two socks. 

This is a Dye To Order listing meaning it may take up to 4 weeks to get your order. Just so you know, if you order this dye to order item plus any ready to ship item in the same order, they will all ship together when this item is ready. Please place a separate order for other ready to ship items if you wish to receive them quickly.