Courage -An Affirmation Colorway- perfect must match set

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It is always darkest before the dawn so have courage, my friends, have courage.

In 2018, I designed the Affirmation Collection with the hope that with every stitch a knitter would remind herself to say something affirming like "I am strong". Words are important so choose wisely when you talk to yourself. However, this past year, personally, has been hard and so the idea came to me recently to try to invite some of that positive feeling back into my life with a new addition to our collection. This colorway is called Courage as in "I will muster my courage". I feel like sometimes I discount something I want to attain in the future because I do not possess it today and saying with authority that "I am x, y or z" when I am only "f" feels inauthentic. So our "I am..." collection has broadened it's vocabulary to "I will be..."!

Perfect Sock Fingering Weight
75/25 SW Merino/Nylon
440 yards/ 100 gram

Every skein is a "Must Match" skein meaning you will receive two perfectly matched half skeins twisted together. Each half skein starts and stops in the exact same place in the color sequence!

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